Stephanie Addiss

MA, LPC, Clinical Director


Stephanie is the Clinical Director at AIM House.  She received her BA in Psychology and Social Behavior, and Management from UC Irvine and holds an MA in Contemplative Counseling Psychology from Naropa University.

Stephanie was initially drawn to AIM House for the opportunity to work with young men and women in the midst of such a transformative transition. She began working at the AIM House Earl House program in 2010, and moved to the Castle program in 2014. As her experience with AIM House and these young adults have grown, so has her respect for the challenges that they and their families encounter when engaging with potentially new ways of communicating, sharing and looking at their world. Though they are often not without hesitation and resistance, Stephanie is motivated by the young men and women who have dedicated this time in their lives to discovering themselves through commitments to their recovery, self-care and independence. Stephanie enjoys working with the resistance to this change, as it seems to always hold the answer to what needs healing.

In addition to her years at AIM House, Stephanie has experience working with students, adolescents, teens, and families in a variety of settings. Stephanie has provided counseling services to a wide demographic struggling with addiction, anxiety, severe depression, and dual diagnoses at MDS Counseling Center in Denver. Also in Denver, Stephanie provided individual and group therapy for elementary and middle school aged students at a private school, devising holistic treatment plans that involved the families and the teachers of her clients. At Naropa University, Stephanie worked as a clinical support professional for graduate students, as well as implemented mental health outreach programs. Additionally, she supported the building of parenting skills and resilience through her work in a nurturing parenting program sponsored by Boulder Housing and Human Services. Stephanie believes in doing therapeutic work from a trauma-informed perspective, and introduces somatic based practice and mindfulness to support client’s resiliency and sense of self.

Stephanie’s hobbies mirror the typical Boulder lifestyle, including; yoga, hiking, camping and snowboarding. As a California native with Northeastern roots, she is consistently surprised and excited by the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer and explores the state as much as possible. Outside of her stereotypical Boulder interests, she enjoys practicing archery, baking with chocolate, sugar, and butter, and discovering new enthralling television series. In Stephanie’s graduate program, she developed a meditation practice and is grateful for the sense of ground and stability mindfulness provides for her.