Mark Sipowicz



Mark has worked as a mentor at Aim House since 2016. He was raised in the Chicagoland area and has lived in Boulder since 2013. He has a BA in English from Colorado College, with graduate studies in Literature and a Masters degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Depth Psychology. He is a registered therapist with a private practice and has previous experience leading men’s wilderness retreats, commercial fishing in Alaska, running bookstores, and as a private investigator.

In addition to Chicago and Boulder, Mark has lived in Missoula, Half Moon Bay, Cordova, Bear Valley, and Seattle. His hobbies include reading and writing, exploring inner nature through outer adventure, ice hockey, fly fishing, dinners and camping with his wife as well as sharing stories and adventures with his sons.

Mark’s favorite part of working at Aim House is seeing the participants arrive and strive, grow and glow, and then journey forth! He loves supporting these young men and women with humility, creativity, and a deep curiosity about their hidden gifts and needs.