Kelly Corn

Executive Director


Kelly is the Executive Director for AIM House. Before joining the AIM House team, Kelly held the position of executive vice president and partner at Sumaato Advertising in Denver. Prior to his time with Sumaato, he was a free-lance photographer for 14 years. AIM House was introduced to Kelly by his long time friend and colleague, Daniel Conroy. Seeing the importance of the AIM House mission, Kelly made arrangements for his agency to provide the first AIM House internship in 2000. Four years later, Kelly left Sumaato to work full-time in marketing for AIM House. His role has expanded over the years to include not only time spent talking with prospective participants about coming to AIM House but also to include a variety of different program operations including overseeing both Shannon’s House and Castle programs.

Among other things, Kelly manages all information technology for the program and plays a key role in developing tools for providing ever better resources and communications with AIM House families. With all that Kelly does, he still manages to keep his sense of humor and occasionally finds time to squeeze in a round of golf with the guys. Kelly enjoys spending quality time with his wife Carolyn, his daughters Elsa and Helena. He also loves driving his ’74 Porsche 914 on the track.