Julie Randall

Director of Operations


Julie is the Director of Operations at AIM House. She is originally from Vancouver, Canada and has lived in Colorado for 17 years. She has 25 years of international business experience and was one of the first employees at AIM House. She was previously the Assistant Executive Director at AIM House and also the Operations Director and Executive Director at Living Well Transitions. She also had her own business in business consulting and strategic business planning.

Julie’s favorite part about working with young adults is watching them individuate and develop their own value system. Also, seeing participants grow into their own personalities is incredibly rewarding. Helping raise and watch four of her own young adults grow into adulthood, Julie can relate first-hand what it is like to be a part of this incredible process.

In her spare time, Julie and her husband are beekeepers and have built a hive from the ground up. They decided to do this because beekeeping runs in the family! She also loves watching hockey.