Emily Hoyt

MA, Therapist


Emily is a mentor at AIM House and runs the Community Service Program. She received a BA in Psychology from CU Boulder and her MA in Mindfulness-based Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University. While at Naropa, Emily developed invaluable skills to help others in times of need, including the use of a holistic approach that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.

Emily’s passion lies in empowering young adults to reach their full potential and she believes this phase of life offers immense room for exploration and growth. She also believes that learning to trust in yourself comes with experience, and having additional support during this transitional time is quite valuable. Her favorite part of her job is helping individuals explore their strengths, values, and passions in life.

Emily has a background in equine facilitated psychotherapy and uses horses as a mirror to help clients find congruence between their inner experience and their out expression in the world. Her time with horses has taught her about respect, responsibility, and the importance of patience and understanding. These are all traits that carry over into her role as a lead mentor.

Outside of work, Emily is an avid adventurer and enjoys spending her time rock climbing with her husband, hiking in the mountains with her dog, and taking road trips in their camper van.