Deserae Kofoed

MA, Admissions Director


Deserae’s long standing passion in the field of psychology led her to developing Syracuse University’s study abroad program in Australia so she could attend one of their top psychological institutes. She earned dual bachelor of arts degrees in the disciplines of psychology and religion and went onto engage in research assistantships and teaching experiences spanning elementary to college years. In her graduate years where she earned her master of arts in transpersonal counseling psychology at Naropa University, she assisted in developing the graduate counseling department’s IRB – Institutional Review Board, and completed her counseling internship working with individuals and groups at a collegiate counseling department. Subsequently, Deserae completed field guide training at RedCliff Ascent and worked as a wilderness guide at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy program.

Her passions spanned the legal system which led her to serve as an on-scene victim advocate with the Boulder County Sheriff’s office, to working as a specialist on the victim/witness unit with the Boulder County District Attorney’s office prior to joining AIM House. Her additional years of work experience in the business realm coupled with her passion for this population led her to join our admissions team after spending a handful of years working in our women’s program.

Outside of AIM, Deserae can be found enjoying time with her husband and son.