Spring in Boulder

Spring is here and the AIM House participants could not be more excited! You can find people in the backyard of the castle throwing the football, hiking around the flatirons, and visiting the local Boulder farmers market, which is a favorite among many.

The Boulder farmers market is a real treat, bringing in local produce and different cuisines to the community, located in the heart of Boulder. You can always find the perfect fruits and vegetables that are in season and fresh, picked from gardens within days of eating. Along with the amazing food, people sell homemade products, like soaps, pottery, and jewelry. As Mothers day and Fathers day approach, many of our participants will head over there to scope out some sweet gifts. There are also countless vendors that sell prepared food of all types, from Thai street food to classic hot dogs as well.

farmer's market collage“Best vegetables in all of Boulder!” said Chris, an AIM House participant. Right across the street from the market, people gather on blankets and sprawl out on the grass with their friends and family to enjoy the spring weather. Many people bring their guitars and hula hoops out to show off their talents and different tricks. The energy is vibrant and all around positive on Saturday mornings, as live music and delicious food are everywhere. You are bound to meet some incredible people at the farmers market- Anywhere from local farmers and CU students to aspiring artists and people that love the community of Boulder.

We are lucky to have the farmers market to understand, explore, and experience Boulder in such a unique, community driven way. The AIM House crew will be regulars this Spring and Summer!

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