Founder Danny Conroy honored at the Association of Recovery in Higher Education Annual Conference

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Houston, TX– AIM House Founder Danny Conroy was honored at the Association of Recovery in Higher Education Annual Conference this July. At the ARHE Awards Ceremony and Gala, the association recognized individuals for their service and commitment to the collegiate recovery movement, recovery schools, and/or raising awareness for addiction treatment in general. Danny received the Community Member of the Year Award, a nomination he has earned through hard work and dedication to the University of Colorado’s Collegiate Recovery Center.

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Pictured left to right: Samantha Randall (CUCRC director), Lily Wilkinson (AIM Outreach) & Founder Daniel Conroy

In addition to starting AIM House nearly 20 years ago, Danny has also become very involved collegiate recovery—another exciting way he and others in the industry advocate for young people’s recovery. After visiting some of the first on-campus recovery programs such as the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech and the StepUp program at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Danny was inspired to bring a similar resource to his alma mater- The University of Colorado. In August of 2013, the CU Collegiate Recovery Center officially opened. Now, only five years later, the center has grown into a thriving community, offering on-campus recovery housing, activities and support to students. Danny’s depth of experience has enabled him to support students very effectively and rapidly cultivate relationships with other organizations on and off campus. He is responsible for guiding the vision and growth of the Center and overseeing all staff and programs, and also provides one-on-one recovery coaching.

While accepting his award, Danny named what has been one of the most rewarding parts of his involvement in collegiate recovery and called on others to get involved: “For those of us who are in the private sector, and have been fortunate enough to make a living and be doing well, it’s our responsibility to support the creation and sustaining of collegiate recovery programs, because they work and they are readily available for students. And it’s beautiful—if you do that, the greatest gift that you get back is knowing that. ” 

The 2018 ARHE conference was held in Houston, Texas. Countless schools, programs, and professionals came together collaborate and learn from one another, acknowledge the work that so many are doing to advance the relationship between recovery and education, and celebrate the momentum of this exciting movement.  

For more information, please contact Lily Wilkinson ; (860) 382 3451

Founded in 1999, AIM House is a transitional living program located in Boulder, Colorado. Young adults come from wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment programs, therapeutic boarding schools and drug and alcohol treatment centers. Mentors and therapists work with each participant to create an individualized program that meets the needs of the participant and their family. Participants have access to a large variety of educational institutions, including the University of Colorado Boulder. AIM House also offers executive functioning support, vocational coaching, and personalized artistic and entrepreneurial mentorship. 


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