Fostering Motivation, Achieving Results

At AIM House, our Academic and Vocational Programs focus on helping young adults of all different education and experience levels develop the skills and motivation necessary to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Our Academic Program is centered on fostering the curiosity, motivation, and organizational skills necessary for participants to be effective advocates for their educational goals. The Boulder area offers a diverse array of academic institutions, including the University of Colorado at Boulder, Front Range Community College, Naropa University, and other specialized programs. Whether students are working on earning their high school diploma, taking the GED, getting ready to apply for college, or attending college classes, all participants receive the support they need to succeed in the classroom and cultivate their professional ambitions.

Our Vocational Program focuses on building participants’ skill sets and preparing them for the professional world. Experienced vocational mentors work with participants to craft resumes and cover letters, identify and develop professional references, practice interview skills, and use technology and networking to assist in a job search. For participants who come to the program without a work history, or a history of struggle with holding a job, AIM House offers an in-house internship program, through which participants learn tangible skills in a professional environment while being coached and mentored on their learning and performance.

To learn more about our Academic and Vocational Programs, plus the Creative Accelerator Program and other AIM House activities, please click here!

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