Academics at AIM House

Many of our participants that come to AIM House have had some sort of trouble with either school or the college atmosphere, and those issues often contributing to them seeking therapeutic help. We take a different approach to helping participants build confidence around their academics by setting them up with our academic mentor, Tom Mac, to create goals and establish ways for them to hold themselves accountable.


As the semester draws to an end, the last few weeks build a lot of anticipation, anxiety and stress as homework piles up and exam-taking-time starts to become a reality. Interestingly, some participants at AIM House have decided to do things a bit differently from their norm this semester. We talked to a few participants to see what they have been doing differently that curbs the anxiety paired with finals time.

“It’s a little rough but I’m managing; I like to take breaks when I’m studying, and I find aerobic exercises to be helpful.” Says Charles, a participant currently enrolled in a full course load at CU Boulder.


“I hang out with my friends to relieve stress and balance out the time I spend studying with something fun.” -Jeremy

Most members of AIM House enroll in one or two classes a semester to help them get reacquainted with academic life. Most of the participants at AIM House go to the University of Colorado Boulder or Front Range Community College, and a fair amount of them balance between taking classes and having a job. Some participants are also finishing high school. This can be challenging for participants to take on, especially after having spent months in primary care. Luckily, however, our academic mentor Tom Mac is there to help with the process of readjustment. 


“I like to be enthusiastic and energetic. I’m trying to provide the participants a chance to see school through a new lense because a lot of times people’s problems are first noticed through school. So, a lot of people come in with negative ideas about school. We try to get them to take a class that they like and take it seriously, really to provide participants with the opportunity to change their opinions on school. Part of it is tutoring or finding tutors for the participants, but really our goal is to get them to take school seriously again and help them manage it” -Tom Mac, Academic Mentor

Tom provides assistance in all aspects of academic and vocational life. He helps participants with enrolling in class, staying on top of their school work, finding a job, writing a resume and  cover letter, and navigating the academic landscape. He also provides a three hour block of time every weekday during which participants work on homework, their job searches, and are free to consult with Tom on any questions they may have about school or the job search process. Tom is truly an invaluable resource at AIM House and he plays a huge part in helping our participants get back on their feet.

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