Transitioning to
AIM House

Enrollment at AIM House can cause a myriad of emotions –both for the participant and the family. We strive to provide you with as much information as possible as this page is designed to answer some commonly asked questions about how our program operates. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.


Participants are allowed to have a laptop. For the initial orientation time frame, staff will direct the use of computers to ensure optimum interaction of new participants and others. Computers are available for participants to use in the common areas for academics and personal use.


AIM House has landlines available for anyone to call and participants to use freely. Participants are eligible to obtain a cell phone after the initial orientation period.


Participants can write and receive letters from family and friends. Please use the physical address of each program for both letters and packages. During the initial phase, primary mentors will supervise the opening of mail and packages

The Castle

888 13th St Boulder, CO 80302

Shannon's House

866 13th St Boulder, CO 80302


AIM House provides free in-house laundry facilities and supplies. Free demonstrations on how to do laundry are also provided as a life skill!


Participants are not permitted to drive while residing at AIM House. AIM House has multiple large vans that can be used for group transportation, however we encourage our participants to ride bikes, skateboard, and walk or take the bus whenever possible – AIM House is very environmentally conscious. Staff will assist new participants in learning to navigate the bus system and get around Boulder.

Participants may bring bicycles from home. Although, we have some fantastic local bike shops in town, and it is usually easier for a participant to buy an inexpensive bike and sell it when they leave. Packaging a bike for shipping and then having it reassembled can be very costly. Staff can help with shopping for a new bike.


Personal expenses for participants must be pre-approved by the sponsors and are paid out of this account and are billed monthly to the financial sponsors. Typical expenses are the Wholeness Clinic, bus passes, haircuts, doctor co-pays, and allowances. An itemized list of transactions is provided with your monthly statement. If you require further documentation, please advise our accounting office as soon as possible.

We respectfully request that parents refrain from sending money directly to participants without the prior knowledge of AIM House staff. Money management is treated as a therapeutic part of our growth process.


From time to time a participant might cause damage to his/her living suite or in the common property areas. Our policy with respect to damage, whether intentional or unintentional, is to allow the participant the opportunity to rectify the situation by either assisting in the repair or paying for the replacement of the item. However, if this is not possible, any damage costs will be taken out of the damage deposit.


Travel arrangements (visits home, weekend trips outside of program activities, etc.) should be discussed with AIM House staff prior to final arrangements being made. It greatly assists us in planning and scheduling if we are fully aware of any upcoming travel plans for participants. Additionally, having a copy of an itinerary is helpful in coordinating transportation to and from the airport. It is important to remember that trips home are not recommended in the first few months of the program in order for each participant to become engaged in the program and develop relationships. After a participant settles in, families are also encouraged to come to Boulder; visits can be individually scheduled through the primary mentor or primary therapist.

As indicated on our packing list, a participant’s possessions are their responsibility from the time they arrive at AIM House until those same possessions are removed from AIM House premises upon departure. While we recommend that participants not bring any valuable possessions that are not necessary for their participation in the program, we will provide a small lock box for items such as cameras and jewelry upon request.

There are some prescription medications that are not allowed, generally those that can be abused. For ADHD medication, there is a specific approval protocol that we follow. In order to keep this transition smooth, please contact admissions to receive approval prior to enrollment.