AIM House History

Over 20 years, AIM House has grown from a small duplex with a few participants and staff to a thriving therapeutic community. We serve more than 60 young adults across multiple residences.


The fact is, young adults struggling to integrate into the world have traditionally been offered very little in the way of professional programs. This is especially true for those moving from the isolated environment of acute treatment facilities and wilderness programs to the challenges of life on their own—which explains why, all too often, attempts to apply their newly learned behaviors in the real world end in regret and relapse without support. AIM House, founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1999, set out to change this.

Our program began in a small University Hill duplex with a few male participants, several dedicated team members and a huge commitment to helping young adults become healthy, independent members of the community. As our reputation for excellence grew, so did the number of young men who entered our doors. Today, thanks to the strong backing of educational consultants and other referring professionals, AIM House has expanded to include programs for young women as well as men, in multiple residential houses.

Most recognizable of these is the four-story 1920s Tudor-style residence our participants fondly refer to as the Castle. At any time, up to 30 young adults may live and grow here, supported around-the-clock by a highly trained staff of mentors, therapists, and interns. They are also often joined by AIM alumni, who return to the Castle to visit, volunteer, share their successes, and maintain their connection with those who helped them learn to make their way in the world.